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Bob Fallier's Royal Morovian Railway

Scale:  N

Roadmaster System:  32 Blocks with 27 currently assigned

Size:  34' x 18' plus 3' x 6' staging yard  (605 SF)

Prototype Modeled:  Patterned after Bavarian & Swiss regions

Trackwork:  Most Peco code 80 & 55; 460', 53 turnouts

Era Modeled:  Steam transition to diesel

Unique Features: 

160' of centenary

Structures -  90+ (nearly all illuminated, many with interior details)

Roundhouse, diesel shop and electric shop all with many details.

The engine shop has almost 100 detail parts added.

"People" - 400+, animals - 100+

Trees in excess of 3,500!

A hand crafted dragon of finest kid leather and three mini eggs in a hidden cavern.

A wizard and three knights in a mystical forest.

Two "women" in the high mountains called the "Keepers of the Elements"

A Swiss Stonehenge

The secret doorway guarded by a great stone statue to the false dragon's lair.

Ferrari stopped by a VW police car.   A Lotus Europa passing by.

Lions and Tigers and Bears (don't say it.... Oh my!)

Castles (2, one still under construction) and King with his court.

And an X-wing fighter which has nothing to do with Morovia, but just happened to fit in the right place if the eye happens to see it.

Roadmaster:  two Master BCs, 3 slaves active, 1 old slave spare

Total insured value:  $100,000